THE GROOMSMAN: Re-charge with Molton Brown

Nothing beats a refreshing shower on a warm summer night. Unless of course you spice it up with the featured grooming tip of the week. Molton Brown's bestselling product, Re-Charge Black Pepper, delivers a rejuvenating jolt of black pepper with every dose of rich foaming lather. Try running the shower for about a minute on cold after your normal rinse. It adds an extra kick to an already uplifting experience.

Molton Brown;

The year was 1973. Molton Brown opened at 58 South Molton Street in London's Mayfair as a hair salon. The salon's name paid homage to the location and the company set out to be unique from the start. This was a London very much in love with synthetics. But here came Molton Brown: soft, individual and Natural with a capital N. Out went hairdryers and tonging, in came finger drying. Identikit styles from TV or magazines were out, and Molton Brown brought in haircuts designed to flatter the client's individuality.

The salon became a hit and it didn't stop at that. The first retail products were hand-mixed upstairs from nettles and camomile; Dale Daxon Bowers joined the team in 1978 fresh from Mary Quant cosmetics, and set to work in a makeshift lab in the kitchen above Browns boutique. Dale's passion, creativity and belief that nature would be the focus for her new inventions, was the source of a whole new range. She was a perfectionist and she wanted to follow her own path.

By the 1980s the salon had evolved into the Molton Brown emporium where Dale's plant-based make-up, hair, body, skin and grooming products were sold to those in the know. This was just the beginning and from here we were approached to supply top-end stores, airlines and hotels in cities around the world.

Two decades later and our creative team have expanded out of the South Molton Street make-shift lab to a more glamorous set-up in Hertfordshire, just outside London. Today the scale is bigger, but the same passion still flows through the veins of the company and inspires everything we do. You can now experience our creations in more than 70 countries world-wide, in our own emporium, spas and online and in the world's leading luxury hotels and airlines. Welcome to today's Molton Brown.


In 1906 a stationer, banker, and engineer set out to create a writing instrument that exceeded the quality and design of the current pens of the time. The resulting empire was something that Claus-Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemias, and August Eberstein could not even have imagined.

By 1908 they had established themselves as SIMPLO FILLER PEN COMPANY specializing in fountain pens with simple built in inkwells. In 1909 they trademarked and begin producing under the name Montblanc. In 1913 a star was born when the round star logo was introduced and the company identity began to truly take shape. The star representing the snow covered peak of the highest European mountain, Mount Blanc, symbolized their commitment to the highest quality and finest craftsmanship. Something to this day that is still evident in every product bearing the label.

Today Montblanc can be found in 70 countries and 360 Mountblanc stores worldwide, making it a true international symbol of excellence.

Meisterstück Le Grand
Platinum Line

The Meisterstrück was introduced in 1924, and has since then become the cornerstone fo the Montblanc name. It is a Piston fountain pen, with 14 K gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay, barrel and cap made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem, and platinum-plated clip and rings. It comes in four available writings styles: Piston Fountain Pen, Ballpoint with twist mechanism, Rollerball, and Mechanical Pencil with twist mechanism. $360

Visit for more information.

Piquer Nique

Piquer Nique

Though the exact origin of the word picnic is not definitive, it is believed to have been derived from the French term piquer nique (the French piquer means to pick at food; nique means something small of no value.) The word was accepted by the Academie francaise in 1740 and thereafter became an adopted word in many languages. In Victorian Britain picnics were often elaborate affairs. Weekend shooting parties and sporting events were occasions for grand picnics, with extensive menus and extravagant presentation.

In its earliest times, the tradition was reserved for the wealthy and aristocratic members of societies. The Greeks had "eranos", the French "montegade", both have similar meaning to the modern "pot luck" style gatherings of current popularity. Usually held indoors and often at the cost of contribution or fee, the term eventually evolved into a meaning that meant eating outdoors. However, the concept of contributing to the event still remained intact.

Today the picnic seems to still carry the stigma of affluence and extravagance. It can be a great first date, romantic opportunity, or exquisite social gathering. Wine, cheese, meats, nuts, and berries are often culinary staples carried inside picnic baskets. Baskets also commonly house a picnic blanket, serving ware, and other necessities to complete the event. It is not uncommon for gaming to have a presence during the gathering. Bocci, Badmiton and Croquet are more traditional games, but many outdoor games including ladder golf, lawn darts, and horseshoes are commonly played as well.



Louis Vuitton 6 person fully fitted fold fronted combined (tea, drinks, sandwich and dinner service) motorists traveling picnic set. The very finest and earliest 1918 totally complete original example in the world.

Complete with outside canvas and leather edged foul weather cover, the most impressive extremely heavy black leather case adorned with all Vuitton brass studs, outside brass hinges, catches and locks, and with heavy black leather carrying handles, marked L. Vuitton. This amazing set opens to reveal a yellow Vuitton fabric interior, with the original factory label with 1 Rue Scribe, Paris, 149, New Bond Street Logo, plus factory number, plus makers logo address stamped on the lid interior in the right hand corner.

This amazing set was a special commission in September 1918, and has the Vuitton trade logo leather plaque inside the lid, and the original Vuitton number printed on the fine white interior cover, situated in the right hand corner. This number and date of sale has been verified by the Louis Vuitton museum in Paris. This outstanding set is the finest of its type available anywhere in the World, and even the Vuitton museum itself does not own an example of such a magnificent and unique picnic set. Simply the ULTIMATE stylish picnic set from the supreme master of his craft - Louis Vuitton.


Bocce Set


Franklin Professional Bocce Set An exquisite marble finish and a professional 113-mm size compose the most handsome bocce ball set you'll ever own. Striped for ball distinction and super-durable, the Franklin Professional 113mm Bocce Set will be a set you'll love for years. Stripes are important when it is necessary to differentiate between individual players. Normally four of each color is all that is required. The expert or professional bocce player will normally use a size somewhere between 107mm and 115mm. The size will depend on the strength of the players and their frequency of play.The occasional backyard player will most likely appreciate a size somewhere between 100mm and 110mm. The expert or professional bocce player will normally use a size somewhere between 107mm and 115mm. The size will depend on the strength of the players and their frequency of play. The size of the pallino, which is often called a jack, is also measured in millimeters across its diameter. This characteristic is not as important as the size of the bocce ball. There is no regulation size of the pallino. International Standard size is 40mm, and sizes between 50 and 60mm are popular in the United States. (If you plan to use your bocce set in the backyard, longer grass can often hide a smaller pallino. Aim for a bocce set with a pallino of 50mm or larger for lawn use.) $159.99


Wine, Swanson 2005 Salan Sangiovese

From Swanson Vineyards

"The floral and opulent 2005 Sangiovese was macerated on its skins just long enough to give it good color, without adding too much astringency. It was gently oaked, so as not to detract from the delicate floral, red fruit nose. This wine has enough acidity to make it an excellent match with tomato-based pasta sauces, antipasti, and many light dishes."
- Chris Phelps, Swanson Vineyards winemaker $75.00

Sausage, Toscano Picante

From Marky's

Italian 'Toscano Picante' Sausage - 5 lb/2 kg by Molinari, USA. A tangy pork and beef salami, coarsley chopped with traditional flavour and shape. P.G. Molinari is a name that has meant excellence in Italian salami and sausage for over ninety years. Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco.
Great for a gourmet salami gift.

Cheese, Laura Chenel Chevre

From the early creation of cheese on the small Sebastopol farm to its current home in the renovated historic Stornetta Dairy in Sonoma County's Carneros Region, Laura Chenel's Chevre, Inc. has been growing along with an increasing appreciation of goat's milk cheese on the American palate. From its inception, Laura Chenel's Chevre was quickly branded as America's first name in chevre. Laura Chenel is the recognized "pioneer" of American goat cheese production. In the late 1970's and early 1980's she established the prototype that allowed legions of other goat cheese makers to succeed. In 2006 Laura sold to the Rians Group, a French artisan cheese corporation with a commitment to the same level of quality and artisan production Laura herself held. She was then able to go back to her first love of raising and tending her goats. She was able to choose a successor who would remain true to the spirit of the brand.The employees in the plant remain, the milk producers remain, the goats remain and the adventure continues with a deep commitment to the original concept. It is now a harmony of French technique and the inspiration of Sonoma Terroir.

Crackers, Carr's Crackers

The story of Carr’s Biscuits began during the British Industrial Revolution, when Jonathan Carr formed a small bakery in the city of Carlisle, England in 1831. The business thrived, and became so popular that only 10 years later it was granted Queen Victoria’s Royal Warrant, an award that has been granted to Carr’s by British royalty continuously since that time.


Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit

The original Rabbit Corkscrew featured in an ideal collection of wine tools for opening, serving and storing wine. A Great Gift Item. Six piece set of wine tools in velvet, easy-grip finish - Includes (1) The original Rabbit Corkscrew; (2) Foil Cutter; (3) Drip-Stop Ring; (4) Wine/Champagne Sealer; (5) Wax Whacker--handy tool for removing wax seals; (6) Spare spiral for the Rabbit. Handsome presentation case with Lucite cover for gift-giving and permanent storage of wine tools. $55.00

American Heritage: J.W.Hulme Co.

It is difficult to describe American Heritage without utilizing visual imagery to stimulate the mind. This is due in part to the fact that, not only does a picture speak a thousand words, but that J.W. Hulme perfectly reproduces the essence of this genre in their products. I had the opportunity to thoroughly peruse one the bags from their American Heritage collection while sitting next to a fellow on an airplane. in addition, he was kind enough to let me gather his thoughts on the product. His testimony to the quality of the bag was extremly sincere and left me with quite an impression. Hence, the in depth look at the brand and their American Heritage collection.

All of the American Heritage bags come with a complimentary custom embossed patch for your initials. The leather is saddle brown distressed full-grain leather and is hand buffed to an antiqued patina finish. All the leather is tanned in the USA using environmentally friendly processes.

Featured Bags:

Heritage Leather Gladstone (top right): 950.00

Heritage Leather Document Case (bottom right): 750.00

Heritage Leather Duffle (bottom left) : 890.00

All bags can be ordered online at

A bit about the company from their website:


From canvas tent making during World War I to our present day high-end luggage and sporting accessories manufacturing, J.W. Hulme Company's craftspeople have been making distinctive luxury leather and canvas bags since 1905. Their skill, commitment to time-honored techniques and absolute dedication to quality have made the J.W. Hulme Co. name synonymous with high quality products.

For J.W. Hulme Co., which has never considered going off-shore with its production, Made in the USA is a true reflection of its philosophy. Our unique, handmade bags speak to a time when rugged American individualism was valued and people personally knew of someone who was a true artisan. From the materials we choose to the elegant hardware we use, the J.W. Hulme Co. pledge is to produce exceptional, unique and valued bags and accessories for discerning customers. The proof is in the look and feel of our bags which are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

The J.W. Hulme Co. collection ranges from duffle bags to brief cases to sporting and hunting gear. J.W. Hulme Co., which has been in St Paul, Minnesota for over 100 years, has 25 employees.

Deans List

Knit ties, polo's, Shuron Freeways, and above-the-elbow rolled woven button-ups. It is safe to say that James Dean represents everything classic American style can be proud. His timeless style and persona made him an instant classic, and an iconic figure in more then one way. He is truly an icon worth continuous praise.

The Power Lunch

Amidst the economic downturn breaking bread for business is far more scarce then in the days past. Luncheons in general are on the decline and The Power Lunch is no exception. Nevertheless, it is unlikely to fall by the way side and become a lost art. Therefore, what better time to explore the importance of the practice than now.

The Power Lunch should be a strategic weapon in the arsenal of any businessman. There is a great deal to that can be accomplished in the time it takes from bread to bill, so this time should be taken seriously. You want to create an atmosphere conducive to your goal for the meeting, conduct a solid meeting, leave a strong impression, and oh - don't forget to look sharp in the process. That part is essential to leaving a lasting impression. This isn't dress rehearsal, it’s a business meeting. Here are some tips to remember in preparation.

Pre Lunch Tips

  • If it is up to you to suggest the restaurant, have one in mind that willbe conducive to conversation. A sports bar just doesn't make it.
  • Call and make reservations. If you are familiar with the restaurant andthe staff, ask for a table that will suit your meeting.
  • Call your client to confirm. Inform the client that reservations have beenmade under your name.
  • Arrive early so you can make sure everything is in order.
  • Talk to your waitperson and give them your credit card. Learn thewaitperson's name.
  • Look over the menu and decide on your order.
  • Order something non-alcoholic to drink while you wait.
  • Be well aware of your client's interests so you can easily slide in andout of small talk.
  • Keep your cell phone on vibrate in case your client needs to cancel. Thisway you'll not be kept waiting at the table through lunch. Lunch Tips
  • If your client orders an alcoholic drink you should consider ordering one,but no more.
  • The time it takes for the waitperson to reappear is time for small talkabout the food, about the weather, about the client's interests.
  • If the client asks what's tasty and well prepared at the restaurant, youcan offer your favorites.
  • While the client looks over the menu, turn your cell phone completely off.
  • When the waitperson returns ask them to list the specials, and place yourorder.
  • After the order has been placed you may begin talking about business.

Dress For Success

Persol 714s,
Creed Silver Mountain Water,
J.W.Hulme Co Portfolio in Tan,

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Barrel Collar Navy/White Banker Stripe,
Anderson-Little Blue Blazer,
Alexander Olch White Pockets Square with Navy Trim,
J. Press Navy Gold Stripe Tie,

Mason's Tan Polplin Washed Pant,
J. Press Veal Belt,
Allen Edmonds Chile Grain Calf Wingtip,


For centuries royalty, bourgeoisie, and businessmen have used the monogram for a variety of reasons. Though some uses are more practical than others, the popularity grew in and out of society throughout time. Nevertheless, with the recent favor of traditional style, it seems necessary to explore the monogram itself as a matter of course. The history and ruling of the practice can be read in further detail below. However, the opinion here is that, as the Romans say, anything in moderation can be tolerated. More specifically phrased, if tastefully done, a monogram can add an element of detail and sophistication that speaks to meticulous style. For shirtings, try the bottom of the chest pocket or under the cuff. If that is perhaps a bit overbearing, then a well engraved pair of cuff links can be a good substitute.

The J. Crew Men’s Shop online offers a variety of casual, dress, and work shirts that can now be personalized in this respect.

Regardless of the decision to bear insignia on your daily wear, the practice has more practical uses that should not be overlooked. The personalization of stationary is a good touch when sending out letters of business, or personal matters. Letters and/or invitations carrying your monogram will be received in a completely different light, than those without. There is a distinct level of professionalism that is reached by utilizing personal stationary. If paper is a bit much, then start with envelopes or single folded cards. In any case, it is food for thought.

A recommended site for personalized stationary is: The Stationary Studio
Make sure to go with something simple and classic. This will send the right message without being too kitschy.

Historically, a monogram was used as a royal signature. Romans and Greeks used them on coins to identify their rulers. Then, in the Middle Ages, artisans began to use them to sign their work. Victorian-period high-class persons adapted the monogram for personal use as a symbol of their place in society. Now, monograms can be seen on just about anything: bags, shoes, purses, clothes, personal stationary, and, of course, towels. Towels are perhaps the most popular of these examples. Newlyweds will often choose new towels and the monogram to be embroidered.

One can look almost anywhere and find a monogram. Luxury car companies sometimes monogram the leather seats of their vehicles, monograms are sometimes used as company logos, and people walk around with monogrammed jewelry and bags all the time.

In the Victorian era, rules for monograms were quite simple and few. Female monograms had the first initial on the left, middle initial on the right, and last initial embroidered larger in the middle. But the rules are hardly simple anymore.

A monogram can be playful, whimsical, flamboyant, traditional, elegant, or understated; the number of choices today is almost infinite. Many still choose to use the traditional Victorian female model, but now there is a traditional male model of first, middle, last, all in the same size, and there are numerous styles to choose from. A monogram can be a whole name or just initials. Rules are now flexible, but for the purist, there are a few standards. First of all, monograms with three initials are generally in the Victorian format of first initial, large last initial, middle initial. Then there is the male monogram of same-size letters first, middle, last initials.

Although there have been periods in history when single initial monograms and two-letter monograms were preferred, the three-letter monogram has come to symbolize the standard layout.In the 19th and Early 20th Centuries, when the rules for three-letter monograms were created, it would have been fairly easy to decide which letters represented which parts of an individual’s name.A woman by the name of Alice Canfield Bostwick, for example, would immediately recognize this monogram as her own – first name initial (A) on the left, middle name initial (C) on the right, and last name initial (B) in the center, larger than the rest.

A Mid Summer Night's Screen

Its summer time, which means it’s time to get outdoors, and doing something that enables you to take in the summer days and nights. What better way to kick off the week with a significant other or friends, than with some classic cinema on the green. Most cities offer some form of screening that can be sought out with relative ease. A simple internet search and you are a step closer to habitual summer screening.

For years parks have played host to many cult classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Breakfast Club, Ocean’s 11 (the original), and Sabrina. Today, catching a film in this manner has become a cult classic in its own right. So grab a picnic blanket, your favorite bottle of wine, and head down to the park for mid summer nights screen.

Here are a few things to consider...


  • Get there early. Typically, when they open the grass, there are people waiting to set down their blankets. If possible, get one member of your group to be there waiting by about 4:30 or so to ensure you get a good seat and ample space.
  • Sometimes it can get crowded, especially the closer it gets to show time - cell phones and balloons are recommended to help your group find each other in time for the movie. (Be certain to dispose of your balloons in the trash).
  • Bringing food and drinks is great and makes for a more festive occasion, but be aware of the bathroom locations as they can be tough to get to with the crowds, especially once the movie starts.
  • Check to see if the grass opens for picnicking, and see when the films begin.

What to Wear:

Remember, its summer so no need to overdo it. Go with something that speaks casual sophistication. Try a light weight washed chambray (J. Crew, button up rolled to the elbow, paired with a tan chino ( rolled up above a pair of brown slip-on penny loafers (Sperry Topsider, Finish it off with a crocodile belt ( - and you’re good to go!

The Bloody Truth

These days the Bloody Mary can be enjoyed in many manifestations – with beer instead of tomato juice, extra spicy peppers, or even yogurt. The bottom line is to use your imagination. Tomato juice can stand up to a lot of experimentation, so have fun!

At one point or another every man should learn the proper art of mix and serve. Should the honing of this skill elude you, it is a must to attain the essential knowledge to get you by. Enter the Bloody Mary. Cure to the common hangover, staple of the brunch menu, and secret sauce of the weekend golfer, this concoction delivers an exhilarating kick like no other.

Most usually say make it "to taste", so once you find a recipe that works, stick with it! When it comes to the palette you will find that the difference between good and great is vast! For everything you have ever wanted to know about Bloody Mary’s, but were afraid to ask, visit

For now, here are basics...
The Traditional Bloody Mary:
(with a secret twist)

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) vodka
1/2 cup tomato juice
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce to tasteTabasco to taste
1 celery stick for garnish
1 lemon wedge for garnish

The secret twist: A-1 sauce to taste - adds that extra zest!

Combine the vodka, the tomato juice, the lemon juice, the Worcestershire sauce, the Tabasco, the A-1, 1 cup ice cubes, and salt and pepper to taste, shake the mixture well, and strain it into a tall glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish the Bloody Mary with the celery stick and the lemon wedge.

The History:
Fernand Petiot, an expatriate who bartended at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in the ‘20’s, is the famed inventor of the legendary Bloody Mary. The story goes that when he mixed the tomato juice and vodka, a patron suggested that the drink be named the Bloody Mary, because it was reminiscent of the Bucket of Blood Club in Chicago, and a girl there named Mary. Another account is that the drink is named after the lovely Bloody Mary herself, Queen Mary I, famous for her persecution of the Protestants.

Whatever the origins of the drink, it quickly became popular back in the US when Petiot began bartending at the St. Regis Hotel, and spiced it up for his classy New York clientele.

Slippery Obsession: Stubbs & Wootton

Stubbs and Wootton

Stubbs and Wootton garners the respect of those who appreciate design and quality hand craftsmanship. Exclusive, comfortable, and unique, these slippers are as versatile as they are enamoring. You can find them online at or at their stores located in Palm Beach, New York City, South Hampton, as well as, select Neiman Marcus.

Shown above: Skull Black
The jolly roger takes to the high season. The skull and cross sabres design is embroidered in shades of cream and white on imported black velvet. This classic slipper is trimmed in black grosgrain, with a black heel and sole.